Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's a Step

Fuck yeah, Washington:
Washington will become the nation's second state to allow doctors to prescribe lethal prescriptions to terminally ill patients after voters gave resounding support to a contentious end-of-life measure.

With more than 1.3 million votes cast, Initiative 1000 led by about 16 percent, winning all but six counties across the state.

"Its time has come. It's as simple as that," former Gov. Booth Gardner, who poured $470,000 of his personal fortune into the pro-initiative campaign, said Tuesday night. "People have the right to have control over the final days of life."

The inappropriate moral stigma attached to choosing to die is slowly fading. A return to tribal taboos, or religious restrictions unconnected with morality, is always a danger for humans. But, I must admit, this is progress. We are slowly moving in the direction of right.


  1. Does the Washington law differ substantially from Oregon's DWDA?

  2. No, it's substantially identical to the Oregon law as far as I can tell. Same "safeguards" in place, restricted to terminally ill residents of the state, etc.


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