Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tenth Try

When I took the California bar, there was a guy in the room with me who was on his seventh try. Poor guy. (I passed; no idea if he did.) That's nothing, since Maxcy Dean Filer took it 48 times before he passed (and then promptly got suspended for crappy practice). (He died this year.)

Poor Fransisco Solomon Sanchez finally succeeded in committing suicide this week on his (at least) tenth try. Like me, he had been involuntarily hospitalized. Guess it didn't help.

One previous attempt was so serious that he had his legs amputated and used prosthetic legs as a result.

Please think about that the next time someone assures you that suicidality is a temporary state, and people who attempt suicide really want to be rescued.


  1. There's a sidenote in the HP article citing a traffic fatality as the result of an overpass jumper. Are you aware of any stats regarding collateral damage of people who just happen to be in the way? What with jumping off buildings and overpasses, carbon monoxide, firearms and 'suicide by cop', seems like there might be a tally of innocent victims floating around somewhere.

  2. Not aware of stats, but it's clearly a problem! People are especially afraid with the rise of toxic fume suicides.

    And I think of that guy who crashed into and killed another driver on his fifth suicide attempt (he didn't succeed).

    I'm not holding my breath waiting for this to lead to legalizing methods that are lethal but less dangerous (or even beneficial) to others, but it could happen, I guess.


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