Friday, January 16, 2015


Core Frameworks

Peripheral Frameworks




  1. What is this a list of, besides books

    1. This is the official antinatalist Index Librorum Permissorum. Any other book will get you censored and excommunicated!

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  3. B. Traven! Cool! His life is really interesting, I think. German author Kurt Tucholsky praised him while still being aware that his german was lacking in some respects. (By the way, Tucholsky most likely killed himself in his swedish exile.)

  4. Is this a list of influences/references for your book?

  5. Have you read Rat: A Novel by Andrzej Zaniewski? It's really quite extraordinary in that it's told from the point of view of a rat. Not in a dopey anthropomorphic manner, but rather based on the what's known about actual rat behavior through biological studies. The descriptive power of the writing alone makes the book worth reading. But the story itself is intriguing. While it tells the account of a rat's life, the book is commentary on human behavior, and not probably not in a way most folks would welcome. At any rate, a great book.

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